The new dimension of creating engagement and trust within a team

An innovative system that supports self-expression and expressing one’s emotions regarding events or people that you interact with.

The new dimension of appreciation and creating engagement

An intuitive tool, thanks to which you can always express your feelings.

Now you can give an opinion on behaviors rather than people.

You can react right away, because only then the feedback makes sense.

Fact-based interpersonal dialogue

Inestimable support during all kinds of conversations.

A tool that allows to analyze actions and helps to become better.

A reflection on one’s own way of acting

Thanks to the application, you are able to shape your own habits and to act more consciously.

You know how important appreciation is, rather than simply pointing errors out – this system allows you to express yourself and your emotions.

You have the right amount of data to determine whether you should implement changes into your behavior.

Real-time feedback thanks to the platform and the smartphone app.

  • The online app shows the tasks awaiting reaction.

    In the upper part of the screen the user’s stats represented on an infographic.

  • Giving feedback is simple.

    The numerical value can be completed with a comment.

  • The user can see the feedback that he/she received, right when it is given.

    Next to the numerical value, a comment is visible (if it has been added).

  • The team leader can easily activate the feedback processes, and monitor their course.

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  • Synchronizing the smartphone app and the online app.

    Users can use both the smartphone app (for faster communication) and the online app (for a more precise overview of the results). The data is synced in real time.

  • Feedback in compliance with criteria essential in the given period for the organization.

    The manager can activate processes, in which employees give numerical values within certain ranges. The ranges are pre-chosen according to previously appointed criteria. This way the reviews draw the employees’ attention to behaviors essential for the company.

  • The employees can ask others for feedback, or give it to someone spontaneously.

    The quick return mechanism allows to share an opinion with others spontaneously. Employees can also choose who to ask for feedback. The emoticon system allows to keep the distance.

  • The users have the data about themselves and their results in their smartphones.

    The system aggregates the information about all the processes for all users. In the mobile app, all this information is accessible in a shortened version, namely the user’s profile.